Lecture tour on mixed-anion compounds by Prof. Michael Hayward (University of Oxford, UK), " opochemical reduction and anion exchange as a route to novel electronic materials" (A2-303, 13:30PM~)~
JGP-Mixed-Anion Seminar by Prof. Daniel Fredrickson (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA), "Discerning the Molecular in the Metallic: How Iterating Theory and Experiment Reveals Lessons
for Materials Design in Complex Intermetallics" (A2-304, 13:00PM~)~
JGP-Mixed-Anion Seminar by Prof. Kanishka Biswas (Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, India), "Modulation of the Electronic Structure and Phonon Transport of Metal Chalcogenides for High Thermoelectric Performance" (A2-123, 10:30PM~)~
Seminar by Prof. Chris Ling (Univ. Sydney, Australia), "Pressure-induced valence transitions in metal oxides: squeezing the electrons out of lone pairs", A2-123; 13:30〜
We will organize a symposium on "Kyoto-Krakow Symposium on Materials Science", A2-123: 13:00-17:15

Seminar Dr. S. M. Yusuf (Bhabha Atomic Research Center, India), "Basic Understanding of Magnetization Reversal Phenomenon and Its Practical Implications", A2-307; 13:00〜
Lecture by Prof. Olivier Hernandez (Univ. Rennes 1, France), "Advanced structural analyses by X-ray/neutron diffraction/total scattering", A2-302, 10:00~12:00 (3/10), 10:00~12:00 (3/11)
Seminar by Prof. Tanusri Saha-Dasgupta (S.N.Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, India), "Electronic Structure of Double Perovskites: Compounds with Promises", A2-303, 14:00
Seminar by Prof. Kenneth Poeppelmeier (Northwestern Univ., USA), "Reimagine the Possible: Accelerating Materials Discovery ", A2-303, 16:00~
Seminar by Prof. Nic Shannon (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology), "Quantum water ice", A2-123, 16:00
Seminar by Prof. Paul Attfield (University of Edinburgh), "New Orders in Simple Solids", A2-308, 10:30
Seminar by Prof. Aron Walsh (University of Bath), "Emerging materials for solar energy: herzenbergite, kesterite,perovskite and beyond", A2-308, 16:30

Seminar by Prof. Henrik Ronnow (EPFL), "Quantum Magnetism - neutrons in the quasi-particle zoo", A2-308, 14:00PM

Seminar by Prof.  David C. Johnson (Univ. Oregon), "Self Assembly of Designed Precursors, a General Approach to New Metastable Solids with Designed Nanoarchitecture", A2-308, 10:30-12:00, 13:00-14:30

Prof. Kageyama will co-organize a symposium "From Pnictides to Perovskites: Impact of Local Structure in Solid State Chemistry" in Pacifichem 2015. Please join us. &ref(MenuBar/pacifichem_#62.pdf,120x156,brochure);

Paper on a nematic state in BaTi*Sub*2*Sub*Pn*Sub*2*Sub*O superconductor, published in Nature Communications, a work in collaboration with Prof. Simon Billinge

Paper on high-pressure synthesis of magnetic oxynitride, published in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.

Symposium "Solid State Chemistry Potpourri in Kyoto" (March 11 & 12 at A2-306, Katsura campus). &ref(MenuBar/KyotoConference1.pdf,120x156,program);
We will organize a symposium "From Pnictides to Perovskites: Impact of Local Structure in Solid State Chemistry" in Pacifichem 2015. Please join us.

Prof. Kageyama wins JSPS prize

Paper on hydride mobility in perovskite BaTiO*Sub*3*Sub*, published in Nature Materials. &ref(カバーピクチャー/Cover Pictures/12_NatMater.gif,120x156,nolink);

Review paper on square-planar coordinate iron oxides, published in Chem. Soc. Rev. ~
&ref(カバーピクチャー/Cover Pictures/12_ChemSocRev.jpg,120x156,nolink);

Paper on spin-state transition transition for a four-coordinate metal, published in Nature Chemistry.~
&ref(カバーピクチャー/Cover Pictures/09_NatureChemistry.jpg,120x156,nolink);

Paper on synthesis of SrFeO&size(10){2}; with a square planar coordination, published in Nature.