Seminar by Dr. Nicolas Penin (ICMCB-Bordeaux). "Ti-based nanofluorides prepared from microwave method, with potential applications as UV-absorbers and electrode materials for Li-ion batteries". A2-304; 16:00~

Seminar by Prof. Dr. Mark Green (NIST Center for Neutron Scattering & Univ. Maryland). "Neutron and Synchrotron Studies of Advanced Materials". A2-304; 15:30~

Seminar by Dr. Goran Nilsen (ISSP, Univ. of Tokyo)

Paper on pressure effect of Sr*Sub*3*Sub*Fe*Sub*2*Sub*O*Sub*5*Sub*, published in J. Am. Chem. Soc.

Paper on ferromagnetic Shastry-Sutherland compound (CuCl)LaNb*Sub*2*Sub*O*Sub*7*Sub*, published in Phys. Rev. Lett.

Dr. Yoji Kobayashi became an Assistant Professor, Dr. Ryo Horikoshi joined as a technical staff, Dr. Takeshi Yajima joined as a postdoc.

Paper on anisotropic oxygen migration in SrFeO&size(10){2};, published in Nature Chemistry, a work in collaboration with Prof. Shimakawa
The Kageyama group starts
Paper on spin-state transition transition for a four-coordinate metal, published in Nature Chemistry~
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Paper on synthesis of SrFeO&size(10){2}; with a square planar coordination, published in Nature.